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Published: 03rd March 2011
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Frankly speaking, everyone wants to own YouTube these days but unfortunately, Google owns it. So, people tend to create YouTube look-alikes with the aim of making serious profit. But let us face the facts. We are never going to generate as much traffic as YouTube does and we are never going to have as much videos as YouTube has. But, having a dream to make some money is not a bad thing.

Video sites are getting popular by the day due to the increasing speed of Internet. So, if you do some work on your site, it is very possible for you to make some profit out of it. But in order to do that, you need to follow certain things. First of all, you need a good script which will work efficiently to host and run videos on your site.

If you are using a moderate script, it might be enough for low traffic. But if the traffic increases by a particular amount, the script will fail. So, you need to design a script which is as efficient as YouTube's. But practically, designing a script which is as efficient as YouTube's is practically impossible.

YouTube has hundreds of employees and it generates millions of revenue per year. So, they can afford the luxury of spending tons of money to develop their base script. But, we are not YouTube.

Before a year, I needed to create a script for my video site. I tried to work on some but all of them turned out miserably. One day when I was browsing, I came across the thing which has helped me generate good profit today. That thing is an application called as VideoSwiper.

You have to understand at this point that I'm not some paid writer for this app. I have truly obtained great profit because of this application and I just want to share my knowledge about this application and its uses with you people.

First of all, VideoSwiper is an application which can be used to host, edit, manipulate and manage videos without actually having to do it. You might not understand its working on the first go but as soon as you gain knowledge about its working principle, you can master it.

What this application does is better known as Embedding. For instance, if you want to host a video in Facebook, you don't go and upload it to the Internet. You just embed the link of the video from YouTube to Facebook.

Similarly, this application will grab all the videos from sites like YouTube and Metacafe and it will embed them on your site. So, you will have a site full of videos without actually having to upload or download anything.

There are other added advantages of this process too. For instance, when the VideoSwiper grabs the videos, it will automatically arrange, organize and update them with regard to their genre or niche.

For instance, it will group all the episodes of a particular series together and it will host all the games of a particular team together so that people can easily find the continuity of the videos on the related videos panel. This is one function which is very important for a video site mainly because people come there to see the episodes they have missed or the games that they missed. Sites like YouTube work very hard in developing the continuity script but if you use VideoSwiper, you can get it totally free of cost. VideoSwiper works a lot better and effective once you install its additional plug-ins.

These are nothing but modifications which can be added to an application in order to make it work better with certain things. For instance, if you use the plug-in called as vBTubePRO, it will provide you total management control over your video site. It will give you the Framework feature of creating a site similar to YouTube and it will let you to manage the framework by using its vBoard. vBoard is similar to a dashboard which you will find in Blogger where you will able to edit, manage, post and do all the things to your blog.

Having this feature would mean that hosting a video site is as simple as hosting a blog. vBTubePRO also has many other uses. For example, you will be given additional support over your Search Engine Optimization features. If you do know something about SEO, then you will surely know the fact that adding keywords is the most basic thing for it. But this feature will work entirely differently on a video based site.

On sites like YouTube, the content amount is very low so naturally you will have very less amounts of keywords and even if you have large number of keywords, they will be mostly irrelevant as your site is video based. So, in that case a new word comes to the play called as tags. Tags are nothing but keywords for videos.

Once you upload a video, you add tags to it. So, when people search the video based search engines with your tags, you will get more traffic. So, having large number of quality tags is very important for your site to grow more. vBTubePRO will give you total control of managing your tags and it will do the SEO on itself. So, you don't need to pay any extra money to the people who claim to optimize your site for search engines.

When an amateur tries to build a video site out of scratch, he gets limited by any things. For instance, he is not only limited by his knowledge but also by the sophistications that he can get. He can't afford to buy a server or get SEO. But when he gets VideoSwiper along with vBTubePRO, he is only limited by his imagination.

Since one can get this plug-in for an unbelievably cheaper price, he is totally free to spend the rest of the money on other useful things. I chose VideoSwiper and I didn't have to pay for my server as I'm not even hosting a single video. This is because the application grabs and embeds all the videos for me and I don't have to buy a server space. Since SEO is automatically optimized, I don't have to pay for that too.

Choosing VideoSwiper automatically boosted my traffic and I got worldwide attention within a matter of months. The additional vTubePRO plug-in will give you more additional features too.

For instance, it will give you automatically generated scripts for interesting things which you can use on your site. If you are building a video site, you will need a "rate" button where people can rate the video hosted. Do you realize that you need to type four pages of code for this simple thing? But vTubePRO will automatically give you this code.

You will also be given the liberty to edit that code so that you can change the size, color and other things. Then, you will be automatically given the code for a comment box.

People can easily comment on these boxes which appear below every single video and on seeing them, others can get to know about the video and you will get a view on the activity in that video. It will also lure people to come back to the site as they might be interested in seeing what others thought about their comments.

Having these options will increase the social life on your site and it is very important to have that since the Internet today is dominated by Social Networking. Since the speed of Internet everywhere is increasing, people nowadays want to witness every single video in High-Definition.

In the earlier days, people wanted all the videos to be in low quality so that they can watch them without having to suffer from the pain of buffering. But things have changed now and if you host low quality videos in your site, you are considered a cheap webmaster. But you have to agree that hosting High-Definition videos will consume loads of time to host. But vBTube will automatically host normal videos in high def formats like MP4.

It will also give the option for the user to see those videos in original format so that people with slow internet connections too can benefit. Then, you will be given other normal options like modifying sounds, forwarding videos and playback options. Having all these will let you generate more traffic which in turn will lead to increased profits.

When I started creating a video site a year back, I didn't even have the hope of hosting it but now I'm generating quite a large amount of profit and it is only because of VideoSwiper and its applications. If you too want to be like me, then you know what you should do. Beware of the fact that there are many fakes like VideoSwiper and please don't fall prey to any of them. If you want the best, you have to come to the VideoSwiper.

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